Mother and Child

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ha, got myself all prepared for an afternoon of participating in activities with Miniatures Enthusiasts Tasmania (Kingston group), only to discover that it was our Annual General Meeting that was taking place LOL.  Anyway, nothing lost - paid my membership for this year and heard what everybody did in the past year that I had missed from not being present.  Just had too many personal issues that needed sorting out before I could immerse myself into this hobby again.  Now the time is ripe again.

We have the Miniatures' Extravaganza taking place in July this year in Hobart and I think it is going to be another great effort by everybody working on the project.  Although I would love to participate in building my own box, I do not have enough confidence in my abilities yet at this stage as I see myself as a newbie in miniatures with very little experience.

I also got my study assignment in today on its due date and started on the next one - pity my 'lesser' half decided that he will listen to music in the car downstairs in the garage so as not to bother me with music out the back.  Only problem - it is so loud, he may have been playing it on his computer next to me in the study! 

Now I do not have to feel guilt when I work on my quilt tomorrow!  Woo hoo.  I am really looking forward to this.  There are just SO many things I want to get started on but do not want to create too many objects that end up as UFO's.  I know, the outcome will be the same anyway - everybody has UFOs!!  I need to learn to let go and enjoy the moment - get structured in something else, not planning my projects like military exercises.

Off to pull out the fabric and get the cutting board ready ........

Warm regards

Friday, March 26, 2010

Night Time

Shot of the moon at 7.50 pm this evening.  Love the colours in the sky.

Warm regards

I found Me!

A good friend asked the question of why I have not started a 'crafty blog' - which, in itself, is a very good question!  And, considering all, decided to amend this blog to indicate just that and to admit to myself that I am allowed to have more than one hobby or craft!

So, hopefully, I will not disappoint with this new direction I am taking with this blog!

When (notice the positiveness - not if) I win the Lotto, I will open a craft store that caters for most things involving the use of fabric AND with this, there will be a coffee shop where you can enjoy a cuppa, have a scone, muffin or slice of cake.  I will select the location where there is ample parking (it does not have to be in the city centre), is in close proximity of a main road and bus stop and if possible, have a peaceful view.  I will arrange classes, workshops, have guest artists do special presentations, organise a weekend get-away once a year and also have video-conference type web-based online classes.

I will concentrate on rare and quality fabric, as well as your everyday use fabric.  Stock will include all equipment you may need to make, say, a quilt, ribbon embroidery or cross stitching.  All material you used for these crafts can be used in any of them, so no 'new' items will be needed.  Hoops are used for all three, as are thread, ribbon, fabric, etc!

Because I have experienced, first hand, the importance of service, stock availability and variety, attitude and presentation, I will be targetting these areas to improve thereon, maintain a high standard and work on creating a good repetation.  Goodwill is probably one of your most valuable assets in this type of business.  You can have the works but if your service sucks and your attitude leaves much desired, you will not grow!

Until then, I will continue to learn more areas of quilting and I am so blessed and fortunate to be part of a wonder group of like-minded ladies!  We have fun together and will soon be having our second quilters' day get-together.  Watch this space!

I have yet to decide on my shop's name!  In no rush at present.

When I look out from across my front door early in the morning, these are some of the sunrises that greet me!  It is so deserving of human awe!

Looks like dawn is ablaze! 


Love the cloud formation and streaks of pink!


I can see a landscape wall quilt coming from this!

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards