Mother and Child

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Did It!!


I am just so chuffed with myself at this moment.  I have just finished the last small log cabin block and, therefore, now have completed the 36 large and 36 small blocks.  Next on the list are the log cabin bricks.  Luckily there are only 20 of these to do BUT I am considering what fabric to put into these.  Do I bring the colours of the bamboo in the centre block or keep with the green?  I may keep to the greens but bring the light green of the bamboo leaves from the centre block and keep the medium coloured green to go with it.  Kind of  'join' the colours together.  Got to get cutting now so that I can start sewing.

I am so excited because we have managed to get the quilters group at work started and are having our fist kick-off meeting tomorrow - just to meet and discuss plans for our first quilters' day workshop (sort of).  The fact that my friend, Sally, is involved in this is really a great bonus as she is a fountain of knowledge, source of inspiration and hive of energy when it comes to quilting!  I can only see positive things coming from this group.  I think between Sally and Mary-Jane, we will be kept busy and fascinated with various activities.

I need to post some photos of the bonnets my Mum and I made (Roses from the Heart project) for convict women of Tasmania.  Christina Henri (she is also from Hobart, Tasmania - ) started this project and people world-wide are participating - she needs 25,266 bonnets to show empathy for convict woman who endured much received so little recognition.

I'm off to cut the cabin bricks now - looking forward to when I put it all together!

Warm regards

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Wow, what another hot day it was!  Work kept me pretty busy most of the day and arriving at work very early to get some stuff done did not even seem to make a dent it my 'To Do' list.

Have borrowed a book from a friend of mine and I told her today that this is the type of book that you cannot put down - and it is all about quilting!  This must be one of the most useful books I have ever seen and it sure has a lot of tips, techniques and advice.  If anybody is looking for something good regarding quilting, have a look at 200 Quilting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets by Susan Briscoe.  Gonna be getting me my own copy because there is just so much information in this book and one that you will refer to over and over.  The other reason is that I cannot abduct Sally's book - I think she wants it back!

I have got some pictures of the quilt that I am currently working on and want to share.  Because the pattern was bought online and is a registered copy, I cannot show the entire picture of the quilt, however, I have taken a shot of part of the quilt just to give you an idea.  Although this quilt is mainly in autumn colours, I have kept some of the colours in my quilt, especially the large leaves.
The edges are made up of two log cabin blocks that give the step effect.

Here is what my large and smaller blocks look like.  Large blocks measure 12 x 12 and the small ones 3 x 3

This will be the centre panel of the quilt - the original was a mountain and cabin with water - mine is bamboo reeds.  The reeds will be in the brown and mustard colour and the leaves in the light green.

These are the colours for the large and smaller leaves around the borders

And this is the main piece of fabric for some of the smaller blocks and borders on the edge

Only eight more small lob-cabin blocks to go and then I have completed the 36.  Getting there!

Cannot wait to start on the applique!

Keep quilting!
Warm regards

Monday, February 08, 2010

Bad Weekend!

This has not been a very good weekend for me - especially since it is a long weekend!

I am feeling totally wacked but have no idea why.  I just cannot get enough sleep and remain feeling tired and and worn out.  All I want to do is sleep, sleep and more sleep.

I so wanted to finish the small log cabin blocks but can hardly keep my eyes open even now!  I took Paxton for a play on the beach on Saturday (because I felt so guilty of him not going out during the week.  He enjoyed the run, though.  On Sunday I took him for a lengthy walk, hoping that I would feel a bit more awake after some fresh air but it only made me feel more exhausted.

Overall, not a good weekend and I had so much I wanted to do.  Well, I do not have any deadlines looming over my head - I am ahead with my studies, the house is clean and nobody is rushing me to work on my quilt (just me, myself and I) - but I am still feeling very guilty.  Alas, there is not much I can do until the energy levels pick up; hopefully soon!!

Warm wishes

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Roll on weekend!

Thursday greetings

Have been having very full and busy days at work this week and, hopefully, managed to keep my head above water!  Friday evening there is a staff function to attend and then a lovely long weekend.  I aim to get a lot of sewing done!

I am working hard on the small log cabin blocks and will be starting a new section this weekend.  Really looking forward to it.

Have purchased a number of quilting magazines and it really is such a pleasure to page through the books - and then visit the sites referred to in the books.  I have become totally addicted to quilting articles and my eyes are bigger than the time I have available in which to make things LOL  If only I could be awake at night when I am supposed to be sleeping - then I can do more sewing.

I better stop daydreaming and get back to reality - pity, was enjoying that bit!

Warm regards

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Late Update

Gosh, with most people back at work now, things are pretty hectic and busy.  Feels like I only touch sides every now and then but things are getting done and the day passes by quickly.

Paxton, my puppy, is not too happy with me when I enter the sewing room and switch the sewing machine and iron on.  He then knows that he needs to take a back seat as I am going to be busy - but it does not stop him trying to grab my attention by putting his head on my lap and gazing into my eyes.

I have now finished all 36 of the large log cabin blocks and am more than half-way with the smaller ones - also 36 of them.  I am looking forward to getting the last one done and then moving onto the next part of the quilt.

Have received a new quilting pattern book today and so enjoyed going through each pattern.  There should be another one arriving on my doorstep within the next week as well as a kit called 'Mother of Mine'.  This one I will complete in between working on my quilt.  It is a wall quilt and will be for my Mum back in South Africa (she is 80 years old).  I dedicated the song: Mother of Mine to her years ago and this quilt will now be something visible she can look at.  Cannot wait to get stuck into that!

I recently purchased some large pieces of material on a bolt clearing sale - so my stash has increased tremendously.  I also received some Fat Quarters from a special friend of mine and have a very special project for that lined up as well.

Going through applique, pathwork and quilting magazines sure is one way of ridding one of stress - I am able to shut out the world and let it pass me by totally!  Visiting the various websites advertised in these magazines is a real teasing experience because the credit card does not stretch far enough!  Pity!  But I dream for the day I officially finish working and can do what I want to do - work on my hobbies!  Trust me, I will not be bored or feel alone.  As a matter of fact, I prefer that.  Joining friends and doing special craft days is something special and I look forward to these days.

Better get off the net and try to get some other work done.

Warm regards