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Sunday, September 05, 2010

It Was a Good Day

Long time no blog! Had a problem with not being able to view any photos and was too busy to try and sort it out. Seems to be OK at the moment.

Also, this particular blog is new to me – I am blogging from within Word and will then add it to my blog afterwards – fingers X-ed (thank you, Ian, for the tip – hope it works for m).  Did not work!!!  Back to the drawing board.

Normally the Hutchins Quilters meet at work and we get together in one of the Science labs – great venue with lovely large tables, plenty of space for us all with the staffroom and kitchen as en-suite, just down the hallway. Because we were going to be a small group, I invited everybody to my home.

Carol presented our Try&Learn morning session: Hand Appliqu̩ Рloved the bright and kissable fish!

 Invariably, when you get to the pinning part, you end up on your hands and knees, crawling around the carpet, rear-end in the air, BUT Saddle did a quick about turn to prevent us getting this side of her; love the piece you are now working on, Saddle!

And what makes you think MJ and Carol were not having fun?

And just in case you think we did not do any work, and to set the record straight, this was taken during lunch time! No, really ……… Scout’s honour!  Here are just some of our snacks

It was an ideal day for quilting, chatting and having fun. This is a view out of my lounge window (with my sewing machine set up, iron ready and puppy in his bed, etc) – all misty outside – yet it was N I C E!

Thank you, Girls, for sharing my day and making the effort to come out on a wet and coolish day (at least we were warm inside!). I thoroughly enjoyed it!

And whenever I now look at a chilly, I will have a total new perspective on it LOL

Warm regards