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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Late Update

Gosh, with most people back at work now, things are pretty hectic and busy.  Feels like I only touch sides every now and then but things are getting done and the day passes by quickly.

Paxton, my puppy, is not too happy with me when I enter the sewing room and switch the sewing machine and iron on.  He then knows that he needs to take a back seat as I am going to be busy - but it does not stop him trying to grab my attention by putting his head on my lap and gazing into my eyes.

I have now finished all 36 of the large log cabin blocks and am more than half-way with the smaller ones - also 36 of them.  I am looking forward to getting the last one done and then moving onto the next part of the quilt.

Have received a new quilting pattern book today and so enjoyed going through each pattern.  There should be another one arriving on my doorstep within the next week as well as a kit called 'Mother of Mine'.  This one I will complete in between working on my quilt.  It is a wall quilt and will be for my Mum back in South Africa (she is 80 years old).  I dedicated the song: Mother of Mine to her years ago and this quilt will now be something visible she can look at.  Cannot wait to get stuck into that!

I recently purchased some large pieces of material on a bolt clearing sale - so my stash has increased tremendously.  I also received some Fat Quarters from a special friend of mine and have a very special project for that lined up as well.

Going through applique, pathwork and quilting magazines sure is one way of ridding one of stress - I am able to shut out the world and let it pass me by totally!  Visiting the various websites advertised in these magazines is a real teasing experience because the credit card does not stretch far enough!  Pity!  But I dream for the day I officially finish working and can do what I want to do - work on my hobbies!  Trust me, I will not be bored or feel alone.  As a matter of fact, I prefer that.  Joining friends and doing special craft days is something special and I look forward to these days.

Better get off the net and try to get some other work done.

Warm regards

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