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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Did It!!


I am just so chuffed with myself at this moment.  I have just finished the last small log cabin block and, therefore, now have completed the 36 large and 36 small blocks.  Next on the list are the log cabin bricks.  Luckily there are only 20 of these to do BUT I am considering what fabric to put into these.  Do I bring the colours of the bamboo in the centre block or keep with the green?  I may keep to the greens but bring the light green of the bamboo leaves from the centre block and keep the medium coloured green to go with it.  Kind of  'join' the colours together.  Got to get cutting now so that I can start sewing.

I am so excited because we have managed to get the quilters group at work started and are having our fist kick-off meeting tomorrow - just to meet and discuss plans for our first quilters' day workshop (sort of).  The fact that my friend, Sally, is involved in this is really a great bonus as she is a fountain of knowledge, source of inspiration and hive of energy when it comes to quilting!  I can only see positive things coming from this group.  I think between Sally and Mary-Jane, we will be kept busy and fascinated with various activities.

I need to post some photos of the bonnets my Mum and I made (Roses from the Heart project) for convict women of Tasmania.  Christina Henri (she is also from Hobart, Tasmania - ) started this project and people world-wide are participating - she needs 25,266 bonnets to show empathy for convict woman who endured much received so little recognition.

I'm off to cut the cabin bricks now - looking forward to when I put it all together!

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