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Friday, July 09, 2010

Close-up on Winter

How do you know it is winter? 

  • Well, when the grass, weeds and leaves look like it has been inside your deepfreeze!
  • When the ground under your shoes go 'crunch'
  • When a misty vapour rises when you exhale
  • When your eyes water as the wind blows

These photos I took in the parking lot this morning when I arrived at work.  There was layers of black ice in various places as well - luckily none where I travelled.  Coming off our road from home onto the one main road, visibility was extremely poor and it felt very ghostly driving in the thick mist!

But on Saturday, 10 July, I will be warm as toast in the Derwent Entertainment Centre, feasting my eyes on all craft and quilting things at the fair!  Lots of workshops lined up to do too!  Gonna hit that credit card until it sings!  Cannot wait!

Warm regards 

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