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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The arrival of the Electric Quilt 7 software

Woo Hoo

Finally and at long last it arrived!  Waiting with great anticipation for over a month to see this land on my desk has most certainly only hyped my inquisitive nature into high gear to see it put into practice!!

What the heck is she talking about? - you may be asking yourself.

Listen, do you hear that too?  Drum rolls .................... and .....................

Ta dah:

I now need to make myself a huge cup of tea, boot up my computer (preferably at home!), close the door and insert the disc into the CD tray to have a goooooood look!

I have also received two of my four books recently ordered.  So what if some of these books are for miniature quilts?  The one is called Twenty Little Amish Quilts and the other Tweny Little Log Cabin Quilts, both by Gwen Marston.  Cuuuute!

Did my duty at the Miniatures Extravaganza the past weekend and, Boy, was I impressed by the work the Ladies did!  (I have not attended meetings for quite some time so none of my work is there). Nearly finished with my studies, then I will not feel guilty when I do leisure things!!!

Check out some of these gorgeous miniatures:

The theme was Doorways to a Miniature World

And this weekend I promise you one thing - I will not feel guilty when I attend the Craft & Quilt Fair on Saturday.  It will be a busy day with loads of workshops to attend!  Gonna have some ME time!

Warm regards 

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