Mother and Child

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother and Child


I belong to a group of quilters at work known as the Hutchins Quilters (HQ).  We have work days scheduled to get together approximately every six weeks or so.  During our morning session we have a Try & Learn session presented by one of the group members.

This Saturday we did a silk screening session presented by Marja who is also one of our Art teachers.  A very talented lady indeed!

I have not been giving any of my hobbies a lot of attention lately due to the fact that I am trying to finish my studies and have been busy, busy, busy with doing assignments and submitting them.  So far, results are all in my favour, and I am deeply thankful for that!!

Breaking away and attending the HQ's work day is just what the doctor ordered!  When Marja told us what we would be doing, what we needed and had to prepare for the class, I immediately knew what I wanted.  The colour changed from the original black I had envisaged to the bright orange you now see.  And I still like it.  I will probably be making this into another wall quilt and am not too in a rush of how I will finish it off.  That will come with time.  I really enjoyed learning the art of silk screening and found it totally relaxing too.  Do I see myself going into doing silk screening at home?  Heck, I have no idea but I will certainly not write it off yet.

I have also confirmed my attendance at a squilter's retreat in Kiama, two hours drive south of Sydney for March 2011 as well as one for the HQ in April 2011.  This one is a local one we organised and will be at Southport in Tasmania.  I think by the time I attend the HQ one, I will know more on what quilters' retreats are about!  MDH will join me on the one to Kiama but he has been advised that he will be doing his own thing to keep busy!

Sunday afternoon I took my dog, Paxton, for a nice walk in the woods in the hills behind us and that certainly got a lot of fresh air into the fuzzy system!  I really needed that - thank you, Paxton, for nuzzling me until I eventually caved in!  Love you, my big boy!

Later that evening, whilst paging through Facebook, I sadly noted that my eldest son decided to 'ban' me from his Facebook webpage.  This dramatically changed my mood to one of gloom and sadness.  I ask a simple question:  What did I do wrong this time?  Still, I need to try and concentrate on other more happy and cheerful things.  When people have issues, I do not think we always realise the impact a small act may have on others.  Time will show and tell.

Now, got to find the roses along the way in life so that I can make time to stop and smell them!

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