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Thursday, June 03, 2010



Gosh, where have the days gone when you had to write a letter by long-hand to get information from one location to another?  The only other way was with either the fax or the telex machine (and then I thought I was just the queen bee in the hive when I got that down pat!).  What about the old Gestetner to make more than one copy?  WOW - I think anybody in their teens today will think I am a fossil LOL (but I know that I am not alone in this club - phew).

Nowadays you can make contact with anybody anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet - and that is how people trace long lost school buddies, friends and family!  Today I am in contact with girls from the school that I finished my school years at - Durban Commercial High School, back in Durban, South Africa.  It is also how I came into contact with my very first sister-in-law!!

Making contact and catching up on the years gone by can be so interesting and exciting.  I have a major problem, though - I do not recall all their faces but most of the names ring a bell!  Now THAT is sad - as technology advances, so our brains sometimes regress.  Is it because we rely too much on modern technology?  I recall the days when I could recite the numbers of many of my contacts in the earlier years of employment!!  Now your mobile phone, address book on your email or other address software store your information for you!

Well, it also helps with sharing information - nothing like a scanner to upload an old faded black-and-white photo found in your bottom drawer onto your blog of facebook homepage; or taking a picture, now, uploading that, now, and sharing it with others on another continent, now!  Love technology!

Stayed in bed yesterday with my bad cold/flu (it is currently classified) but back at work today.  Time waits for no man (or woman) and I have deadlines to meet at work!  Feel like the dreggs at the bottom of a cold coffee pot but, hey, I can still operate, though it may be a bit slower than normal.  I keep telling myself that the medicine will kick in tomorrow - that was four days ago and the sun will still rise in the east tomorrow!

Not too sure I like today's blog but will let it pass for 'publication' anyway.

Warm regards 

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