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Monday, June 14, 2010

Long weekend done

So what was my excuse for not doing any sewing this long weekend?  Well, to tell you the truth, I studied!  Yip, no word of a lie.  I am half-way with my Business Administration Cert IV and caught up with my 'overdue' tasks.  Now my trainer is overdue with her marking and updating the webpage (it is online study and work-based tasks).  Having been shifted from one trainer in Tasmania to another on the mainland, I have not yet got the 'feel' for the new trainer and can, therefore, not give her any nudges to get it done.  So, fingers crossed that she does it soon!

On Saturday evening I caught up with some of the girls of the 1973 alumnae and boy, did we chat and laugh!  Two hours later I said my goodbies!

Unfortunately, all good things must also come to an end and school starts again tomorrow which means that all peace and tranquility will be something of the past!  Now I have to look when is the next long weekend coming up for relaxing LOL

Also just realised that I missed going to the miniatures meeting tonight!  Still, I got my studies done and that counts more, I suppose.

Mmmmmmm, had a look at the Bernina 830!  What a machine for quilting!  Price is a bit of an issue right now!  Need to pay of lots more debt first before investing in such a top of the range model!  But, I am allowed to dream .............................

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