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Saturday, June 12, 2010

There is more happening than meets the eye

OK - So, not much is happening and I do not appear to be doing much either - but wait, there is and I am!

2010 World Cup Soccer commences today and I have been working on my studies, trying to complete my outstanding tasks.  There are two more questions to be done in the Excel section and then I can submit it, thereby bringing myself up to date again with all studies!  Will concentrate on this so that I can proceed with my quilting without any guilt feelings.

Also, in just under an hour I will be chatting to a number of the girls who graduated from Durban Commercial High School in 1973 on Skype.  I am sure we have all been looking forward to going on line and starting the conversation.

I have redesigned my blog as well - I suppose it will always be a work in progress until, finally, one day I will come up with something that I am totally satisfied with!

AND, I have booked accommodation for the 2011 SCQuilters Retreat in Kiama and paid for my Expression of Interest (just need to post the form off).  Will wait until closer the time for any airfare specials!  I will need to book Paxton (my puppy) into a kennel for the period we are gone and find a good home for Georgie, our Galah.  The other question I keep asking myself is whether we will fly down to Kiama from Sydney or whether we will book a car and travel down - just to see a bit more of the country.  Due to time constraints, this may not be possible - but I will weigh up all scenarios long before then.  I intend to have a great weekend, irrespective of MDH tagging along.  Told him that he will need to amuse himself whilst I am busy. 

Warm regards 

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