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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sneezes and Bless You's

Attishoo, a..a...a...ttishOOOOOO!

I think you get my meaning.  I have a cold building up and am feeling pretty sorry for myself with sniffling, coughing, runny eyes and sneezing my way through the day.  The medicine better start kicking in soon or else ........

Started to remove the fabric stabiliser from my piggies and the block is starting to feel less 'solid'.  I am also ready to re-start my All Cooped Up first block (I mentioned earlier that I messed that one up!!) now that the material has arrived - as well as block two of this quilt!  Once I get into action, I love how it flows from doing one thing to the next.  Howeer, I am not a happy camper when I get interrupted by either MDH or my puppy (OK, not such a puppy anymore at 37 kgs, still.....) - and I believe they both have a common sinister goal: to draw my attention away from my quilting.  Paxton will come and lay his head on my leg, my foot, my hand, nussle me under my elbow - first on the one side, then, if that does not work, the other side!  I cannot ignore him for long LOL  MDH will 'invent' many excuses that 'needs' me to look at something, help him with something or whatever other reason is drummed up.  Again, I cannot ignore him for long either - I have a growing guilt feeling build up if I do so for too long!

A...a....a....ttiiiii......shooooooooo!  Ah, thank you - just got a 'Bless you' from somebody walking by my office (needed that!).

Am thinking of taking Monday coming off to create a long weekend and then next Friday to create an extra-long weekend.  We have a public holiday here on the 14th.

This is what I saw when I arrived to work this morning - can you see her too?  C'mon, look halfway up the tree .... yip .... that is a possum that obviously stayed out too late last night and could not make it home in time!

And here is a close-up of her sitting up and conveying the noise that came from a worker behind me.  Not a happy girl!  Love the way she is leaning on the tree with her right hand, the left one on her left knee!  So cute sitting in this tree but a curse at home when they get into your plants, vegies and fruit trees!  Love her big eyes too!

Hope she gets home safely when darkness arrives - phew, must be tiring sitting up that tree all day with nothing to read or keep you busy with LOL 

Warm regards

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Sally Westcott said...

"Bless You!"

The possum had gone by lunch time!