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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The First Snow of the Season has Arrived

Warm greetings from a snow dusted mountain in Hobart!

This is our first snow of the season and it looks great!  Sure, nothing to ski on or build a snow man from - just enough to please the viewer's eyes!  Mt Wellington always looks all dressed up with snow on her sides.  My location for taking photos was not the best as it was from work but I found it impossible to stop on my way in - the traffic was too busy and I kept having some idiots trying to pull into the back of my ute!  And this is our expected weather for the next couple of days!  Maybe I CAN get in some good shots.

Am meeting up with a group of my old school buddies on Saturday evening my time on Skype - will let you know how that went.  When I read the messages that comes in from the Girls, you can feel the excitement in the words and phrases!

Am taking Friday off to make an extra long weekend with Monday here being a public holiday for us.  Woo hoo - I can, hopefully, get some free motion quilting practice going.  Watched a free motion quilt DVD by Deborah Louie and she makes it look just so blooming easy!  Now I want to give it a go too!  I need to if I am going to be doing quilting!

Warm regards

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