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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Getting All Cooped Up

So what have I done lately with my various BOMs (Block of the Months) wall quilts?

Today I completed both the set-up of both All Cooped Up (ACU) BOMs I've received to date - the Hit the Hay and Sunny Perch.  Tomorrow I need to go and purchase some clear monofilament because of the light colour fabrics.

It is such a pleasure now that I have the hang of tracing the pattern, sticking it to the fabric, then cutting out each piece as I lay it out on the applique mat (cutting out a bit slow because the thin layer of glue keeps 'un-glueing' from the paper sheets!!), followed by a light touch of the iron, then pick-up and move onto the background fabric.

See for yourself what they look like - remember, I still have to do the stitching around the edges and, again, that is where the free-motion stitching comes into play and, hopefully, I can improve on my first attempt!!  You know what they say - practice makes perfect!

Here is my first of five roosters.  His eyes will be done later.

This is the second BOM called Sunny Perch - face will be completed later.

The third BOM of All Cooped Up is called Struttin'and he sure is one flashy-looking rooster!  Two more weeks before I start looking in the mail for him!

Love quilting!!!!

Warm regards

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