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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I did it, My Way!

I did it - may not take the prize at any show - but I did it my way and I am happy with it!  Now I just need to paint on the faces and the three piggies are complete.  The middle piggy was done with the darning foot and the dogs down - not a pretty picture but I am leaving her as-is as reference to my starting point!  Not all sewing went the way I wanted it but I know I can only improve.

I do believe that by the end of this wall quilt - and the second and third one - I will have the hang of it!  Just loooooots of practice to be done.  I can see myself calling on my mentor for one-on-one teaching.  Will need to speak very nicely and make a 'booking' for when there is a moment vacant!

If you think my first attempt falls way short - please tell me so and offer some advise as well.

Warm regards 


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