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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pondering Moments

Overslept this morning by an hour!  Normally I am first up to get things moving in the house (I nearly said to stoke the stove and start the fire - but we have moved on since those days) LOL

Got my Farm Story's first BOM (the Piggies) out last night and did the copying onto the Steam-to-Seam paper but the pieces of the trough was too wide for my paper and copied it onto the Visa-Fix - but was not too happy with that medium.  Wanted to tape two pieces together but used the V-F.  After consulting with Saddle at work this morning, she also suggested using two pieces to create the one piece - so this evening I will go and do those few pieces over and then fix it to the fabric.

I have not had time to go and replenish my two thread colours to finish the autumn leave applique for the Log Cabin quilt.  Maybe this afternoon after work - fingers crossed!

Sunshine outside!  Yip, it is a beautiful day here in Hobart.  Best place to live in - no doubt about that!  Sorry, no pics today.

Often, when driving to work, the morning scenes are absolutely stunning - especially when Mt Wellington has a petticoat on or the mist hangs low and you can only see the crest with this white woolly cravat covering the bottom half!  OR  When there is absolutely no wind on the Derwent and the reflections are miror-perfect?How do you pull over whilst in morning traffic - especially when there is NO place to pull over!!?  By the time one can pull over, the moment has passed and the scene changed.  But I keep looking!

Spoke to my youngest daughter last night; ended up with her getting upset about my comments and concerns.  I suppose now it will be a while before she wants to talk to me again.  I am seriously getting too old for this type of nonsense!  If only she realised that I dearly love her, care for her and the family's wellbeing and that they need to take responsibility for their actions and not blame everyone from the neighbour's cat to their boa constrictor for their decisions!  Damn, this is very tiring - no wonder I overslept this morning!

Fingers' crossed for a better tomorrow......

Warm regards 

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