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Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is harder than it looks!

Wow - how disappointing!

I have tried, on some scrap fabric, to practice sewing with the darning foot and dogs down and come to the conclusion that this is not as easy as it looks!

Just when I thought I was coming right and started on the BOM - I came to the above conclusion and stopped.  Poor piggy number two does not look as nice as I would like her to be (oh, yes, these are female piglets).  My short-term remedy?  I am going to do normal straight sewing with a normal foot and the dogs up!  I find I can manipulate the movement of the fabric better when sewing this way and sewing slower.  Yes, I know, this is not the correct way but I am falling waaaaaay short of being a skilled free motion sewer at this stage!

That will be my ongoing exercise - practice free motion sewing.  It is the only way I will get that down pat!  I mean, everybody started somewhere, not so?

My only question to myself is: Do I unpick piggy number two or leave that as testament to my effort of free motion sewing?  Time will tell ...........

Oh, and by the way; I have (I think and hope) managed to sort out the excess feed when sewing with the monofilament thread - I purchased smaller needles and am currently using a number 8 (60) needle with this thread and the tension seems to be spot on.  There is no 'free-flow' of thread anymore.  Hope that was the correct way - if not, well, it worked for me (obviously my fabric is not very thick, even with the fabric stabiliser attached).  I tried playing with the tension initially but that still did not fix my problem.  I think perhaps the smaller eye may 'control' the 'flow' of the thread as well???  If I am off the mark here, please redirect - will be accepted with thanks.

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