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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too many 'pretty flowers' along the way .....

Hello, anybody miss me yet?

Wow, I feel like a newbie at blogging - been quite a while since I last posted!  Hopefully the lull is behind me now.  Feels like the floodgates are about to open ................

On the journey of working towards completing my Log Cabin quilt, I have been side-tracked by oh, just so many other pretty, pretty pieces of fabric, BOM's and other wall quilts.  It is just not so fair to have so many projects up for grabs and just so little time!  I need to win the Lotto big time so that I can cut down on working for a living and really start living!  Wow, just think, I can work, say, three days a week, maybe two, depending on the winnings - on the other days, I can get up, do a quick touch-here-touch-there house clean, take my puppy for a nice long walk, come back to a slow breakfast and then elevate to the sewing machine and quilting!  On some days I can go fabric hunting - not necessarily to buy - but just to be up to date with what is available (you never know ......).  I can visit quilting friends and we can work on projects together.  Nice thing about this is that it is nice to have good company when you quilt; somebody that understand you even when nobody is saying a word - spending the whole day working, perhaps in silence, could still come down to having a meaningful 'conversation'.  I know one such person.  My dear friend, Saddle (my nickname for her).

I would get a long-arm quilter so that we can do our own quilting and become experts at this; attend classes; go on retreats .... yeah, that could work for me! 

But I better get back from these dizzy height that have my head in the clouds, back to reality .... damn!

On the up side, I have a number of excellent projects that I am really looking forward to getting stuck into.  This week I received block one of my Twilight Gardens.  This BOM is from Faeries in my Garden and has a lot of embroidery involved.  It looks extremely interesting. 

This evening I took the dust-cover off my Elna, threaded her up and continued with the autumn leaves' applique.  Can finish the last three sets tomorrow evening - another lot of blocks closer to finishing the Log Cabin quilt!  Saddle made a passing comment of: "uh ho ... here comes a UFO ..." or something in that line.  Scared the living daylights out of me, she did!!  Got to prove her wrong (fingers crossed!!).

Fingers crossed - may my numbers be the winning Lotto numbers this week ... pleeeeez!

Warm regards


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Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, great site! Hmmm I get those horrible nights and mornings too and no, the "hypnosis" thing doesnt work!! ha! ha! So here I was up at 04:30 checking out what was happening on facebook and about to get back to the typing up of a book for the church. Determined to reach chapter 10 this morning!! Love Brenda Carstens