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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day, Me!

No kids in Australia and MDH will not do anything special for me since we do not have any kids - but I do remember the Ladies in the family who need remembering on a special day like today.

Took me, myself and I off to Agfest yesterday (agricultural festival) which is about two hours' drive (or thereabout) north from Hobart.  Had a wonderful day admiring things
from Alpacas ...

..... to .....

steam engines

.... to .....

building structures

.... to ....

displays of sheep dog working

There were thousands of people attending even though it was a cool and crisp day.  Good for walking and taking in everything on display.  I think, a few degrees warmer would have given the day that nudge to take it out of the 'comfort' zone.  Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Got up early this morning (Mothers' Day), hoping to continue working on some 'work' work but again, the internet link to my work site has not made that possible (and I will NOT be going into work to download the file and bring home!).

Anyway, that now gives me permission to do Mothers' Day thingies - like working on my quilt.  Talking about quilt ....... yip, I've done it again ......     Yesterday at Agfest, I found the craft shop that I was looking for!  Deb - an absolute beautiful lady - owns The Village Sampler, located in Lilydale, north-north-west-ish from Hobart.  She had, amongst other displays, one BOM that I have been admiring in the magazines for quite some time but have been 'ignoring' because of all my other projects.  Unfortunately, seeing the fabric in real life, I realised that none of the pictures I've seen of this project does it any justice, and ...... yes, alas, ..... I signed up for another BOM - (Story Book Farm)   When I got home and looked it up, I realised that this will be the second project I will be working on from McKenna Ryan - the All Cooped Up project is also one of McKenna's!  Her approach to applique sound just oh-so-easy!


I now learnt about some new quilting tools, namely:
a fusable webbing called Steam-A-Seam


Applique Pressing Sheet!


What really got me excited was looking out my front door and admiring what Mother Nature dished up for starting my day:

So, if you feel all alone on Mothers' Day - look out to Mother Nature.  She never forgets you :p

Happy Mothers' Day

Warm regards


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