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Saturday, July 10, 2010

WOW - what a great Craft & Quilt Fair day I had!

Woke up with a start this morning, looked at the watch, and jumped out of bed, thinking I had only 30 minutes to get dressed and get myself to the Derwent Entertainment Centre in time to meet Suzanne!  Whew, then realised it was only 8.15 am!

We got there in good time and our first pit-stop was a decent cuppa!  Our noses followed the aroma!  Then a quick shuffle on to where the workshops were being held - OK, too early.  No problem, we moved over to the quilt display area.  Gosh, there are so many amazing quilts on display, you struggle to take in what you see.  So many hand-quilted quilts of excellent standard, it just blew us away!  Magnificent work done by these people!

Shoot over to get to our first workshop, followed by the second one.  Met up with two other HQ quilters, MJ and Carol.  Carol stayed with Suzanne and I.  From the workshops we moved to complete our tour of the quilts.  Then we stopped off for a bite to eat - and met up with MJ again!  Finished our lunch and started our stall tour.

We stopped at each quilt fabric and sewing machine stall - and bypassed the other craft stalls such as beading, paper craft, scrapbooking, dolls and knitting.

My first purchase was this jelly roll and pattern.

This roll above will be turned into this quilt below.

Then followed this Ginger Jar and Kimono patterns:

I just could not pass this sashiko piece by:

And then these bright and proud chooks (I know, I have a thing for chickens!!)

Damn, he looks so proud of himself, strutting about and puffing himself up!

And later some jellyroll rulers, etc.  Put together, my purchases looked like this:

Left there just after 3.30 pm.  Could go back again tomorrow!!  Anybody want to lend me their credit card, please?

Oh well, with all my new goodies, it just means that I have a lot more sewing to do now - and new techniques to learn, such as sashiko, amongst others.

Where does one go to renew your lease on life?  I need a longer one - concerned I may run out of time to complete everything I still want to do!!

Warm regards 


Sally Westcott said...

I'm proud of you Shirls! You did the credit card proud!
I love the jelly roll - it would go very nicely with sashiko blocks you bought! I can show you how to do the sashiko and lend you a book that will help too.

The chooks are great!

My turn to hurt the credit card tomorrow - I had a beautiful day on the river (500 photos later).


Paxton said...

Thanks, Saddle. Trust me, I could inflict more pain on the credit card today - so much for the eyes to take in and the 'I want, I want' syndrome totally comes out in me at places like this!