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Monday, January 18, 2010

Much ado about nothing

Did no sewing at all today and I am probably going to be angry at myself later in the week but I was just too involved in going through the quilting magazines I bought over the weekend.  Needless to say, I was oohing and aaahing on every other page and wanting to do every pretty quilt I came across.  I must, however, be strong and stay focussed!  I am dying to move on from the large log cabin squares to another part of the pattern but do not wish to rush any work as then the unpicker will probably be used quite often.

I've come across some stunning fabric sites but have to lock my credit card away from myself at this moment in time LOL  One item at a time for now, or at least until I get to understand more about what is involved in quilting.  I think if I had to get involved in too many projects, the 'lure' of seeing progress in my latest project may loose its appeal and I most certainly not like that to happen.

Am looking forward to 20 February - it will be a quilters feast at Sally's house.  I cannot wait!  I feel like a little child waiting for Christmas to arrive!

Must get more organised so that I do not forget my studies either!  Am currently doing a Certificate in Business Administration and enjoying that as well.  I know - you will probably all think that it does not take much to satisfy me LOL  No comment ......

Got my computer sorted out as well and I can now read my new quilting and embroidery DVDs that I got!  WooHooo  Best I bid you adieu for now.

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