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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday morning at work wishing I was a home working on my quilt. I managed to do another four blocks last night and now only have a dozen left of the large log-cabin blocks to do.  When that is done, I will move onto the smaller blocks and complete those.

When I go into what I now call My Sewing Room, it is like entering a total different world.  Somehow, all the worries of the world is left at the door and I enter 'freedom'.  I get totally absorbed into what I am doing and do not actually think about anything at all, other than what I am doing.  I actually dream about how I would like the room to look like - just sewing things and not as a back-up second bedroom.

I will be looking for a decent plastic to cover the mattress in so that it can be moved into the garage.  That will give a bit more space.  Johan currently has his ginger beer brewing (alcoholic) in this room as well and the whiffs of ginger beer crosses my nose every now and then while bubbling.

I will try to remember to take some photos of the blocks to put up here.

Take care and warm regards

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