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Friday, January 22, 2010

Yahoo, it is Friday!

I am so happy it is Friday today. Been a busy but constructive week at work with lots of things ticked off as done.

Did not get to work on the blocks last night - my candle light was not shining that bright and I just felt washed out. I must admit, I was going to try and do just one block but thought that I better not force myself to do something that I really enjoy when tired. It just makes me so much more eager to get stuck into it now! Cannot wait to switch the sewing machine on!

I better do some wifely duties over the weekend as well like ironing, dusting and washing the floor but that should not take me too long (only the ironing might).

My interest in quilting has opened up a whole new window of opportunites and discovery. Just doing an internet search on quilting, patters, patchwork, etc results in a box full of places of interest to visit - which I do.

I am going to have to live for a very, very long time in order to do everything I like but I am sure that this is the problem every craft person encounters. There are too many things of interest to fit into one person's lifetime! Anyway, I sure am going to give it my best shot LOL

Well, that is all from me for now. Take care and warm regards

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