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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying to find Shirley!

Why another blog, you may ask.  Well, I think I needs to keep my hobbies separate and try to keep track of what I do, when I do it and hear what others think of it.  I enjoy trying my hand at many things and even if I only give it a go once, at least I know that I have tried it and can always decide later whether I liked it enough to go back later to give it another try.  Having tried my hand at numerous crafts, I have to admit that, at times, I stop to think - Who am I?  Where have I come from?  How did I get here? 

So, what have I tried so far?  Now let me see ...

Sewing, embroidery (including ribbon-embroidery), cross-stitching, knitting, macrami, rug hooking, tapestry, miniatures, dollhouses, wooden boat building (scale model of the Bismarck in progress), making biltong and boerewors ('jerky' and 'sausages' for all non-South Africans) - and now: quilting!  And this was something I always said was not for me.  Just shows you how wrong one can be OR how little you know yourself!

How I got 'infected' with quilting is another story on its own.  I have the pleasure of working with two highly talented quilt artists; Sally W and Mary-Jane A.  Two great ladies, each specialising in her own area; however, lovely Sally always brought her projects into work for me (and others) to have a look at.  This was not an action of bragging or rubbing it under your nose - I looked at it as sharing their talent with those who appreciate people who use their talent, and expand on it.  I always appreciate these gestures of them, little knowing just how deep the 'seeds' have been sown LOL. 

I started my first quilt lesson on 5 January, 2010 - it was only a beginner's quilt - the size of a lap quilt.  Wednesday, 6 January, 2010, I finished sewing the quilt and that Saturday I finished hand-sewing the binding on the edges.  In the meantime I had seen a number of patters on the web that I found interesting - and bought - and saw some incredible material that I liked - and bought.  My stock is growing and so is my stash (I think I might feint if I saw both Sally and Mary-Jane's stash!) - and also my quilting knowledge.
Having bought myself an Elna 8600 for my birthday in October 2009, all I needed for quilting were some extra attachments to get me on my merry way!  Now I feel quite invinsible - nothing can stop me (just the budget!).

So, not only to share my journey with this new hobby, but also to find out just who I am and where I belong in the craft world, I will be keeping track of my doings.  I cannot predict the outcome, nor will I try to speculate.  All I know is that I need to try and find me!

You are welcome to give advise - good advise is always welcomed - and suggestions to try this or try that.

I look forward to this adventure.
Warm wishes

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