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Monday, April 05, 2010

The Assessment and The Result

Although I have slowly been making progress with my large quilt (with the emphasis on slowly), I was not too happy with this situation!  Why?  Well, it is like this ....

I am a bit of a control freak and perfectionist when I do things.  When I am not too sure of what needs to be done or how it is done, I often slow down with my progress and just read and read and read up on how it must be done, until I am satisfied that I understand.  Quilting most certainly falls into this category!  It is close to reading from a knitting or sewing pattern (when working from a pattern) but not everything is given to you - you are often left with putting your own preference into place.  My log cabin quilt is actually fairly easy to make BUT because I am swimming in deeper water (my first project on my own with very limited quilting knowledge), I often hesitate to just go with the flow!  It feels like I procrastinate and look for other things to keep myself busy with instead of just doing it - like now!  Blogging instead of sewing!

I like things to look right and when it does not feel right to me, I know it will not look right.  Does this make sense?  It is not that I underestimate my abilities because I know I can sew, I know I can follow a pattern, and I know I can do it, just .......

I know, one cannot learn without making mistakes - the problem is, I always advise my kids to learn from the mistakes from others and I am looking for those mistakes and how they then got it right.  Gosh, this sounds heavy involved - even I am getting confused now!

Best I go and switch on the sewing machine and start stitching - follow my ideas, so to speak - and then find out what my mistakes were.  They say that no quilt can be perfect!  Phew, thank goodness for that.

Back to sewing ....... at least I have all the leaves glued onto the fabric.  Now just for the machine applique.

I can do it ........

Warm regards

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