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Thursday, April 01, 2010


I cannot believe that it is Easter already!  Feels like only last week when we were celebrating the New Year!

With four days off, I think need to try and get some things on my 'To Do' list ticked off.  These are only some of the things I have lined up:

  • Paint the Study (going to be shades of green to match the blinds)
  • Level the grass area in the front.  This will involve planting stay poles, then putting knocking the sides onto these, line this with thick plastic and fill it with good soil.  Will see about this job!!
  • Finish the leaf applique and sew the side panels onto the centre block
  • Finish my 'Mother of Mine' wall quilt for my Mum
  • Catch up on ironing
  • Take Paxton for some decent walks
  • Scan some more magazines for the library of our quilting group
  • Try to relax
And I have how many days off I said?

Friday, 9 April, I will try my hand at golf (going with a group from work)!  I do not suppose having played hockey will count for anything towards my handicap?  No?  OK, thought not.

Blessed wishes for a peaceful Easter with loved ones, discovering the true meaning behind all the chocolate eggs, fluffy rabbits and other delectable treats!

Warm regards

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