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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother of Mine

Today is 25 April 2010 - Anzac Day and 4 Years since I stopped smoking!  Do I feel better now?  Health-wise - there is great room for improvement; personal satisfaction - most certainly.  I just wish I could control my weight like I managed to stop smoking!!  Oh well, we cannot all be 100% perfect - but it does not mean that we cannot aim for that, yes?

Very proud of myself for a total different reason.  I finished my 'Mother of Mine' wall quilt for my Mum in South Africa.  Must get it off in the mail now but it may not reach her in time for Mothers' Day but Mum will not mind.

I know it is not 100% perfect BUT it is my first wall quilt AND I have learnt a lot of how NOT to do things.  Hopefully I can put that into practice as I continue with my quilting journey.  Do feel free to leave your critic - good or bad.

Mother of Mine Wall Quilt

Mamma Bear

Me Bear

Close-up of Mamma and Me

Now I can carry on with my log cabin quilt, get started on All Cooped Up BOM and look for material for Hens on Heels. 

I also only realised last night that I had put my name down for another BOM.  This one is titled The Three Friends of Winter and it is exclusive to The Sewing Sanctuary (The Sewing Sanctuary - no pics on the web page as at today yet) and consists of Japanese fabrics.  It was designed by Elizabeth Camping, winner of Best of Show 2008 SA Quilt Show and it depicts The Three Friends of Winter; bamboo, pine and plum who are faithful to each other during difficult times.

I think this is going to look absolutely gorgeous when done.  It will measure approx 44 x 34 inches

Yip, I think you can safely say that I am hooked!  I love the BOM system because it gives me enough time to complete a block and also ask for advice when I get stuck, before the next block arrives.  Now I just have to make sure I have enough walls one day for all these wall quilts!!

Have a great week!

Warm regards


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