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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Autumn Leaf 'Foundation'

Have now marked the centres of each block onto which the autumn leaves have to be appliqued onto.  Found out, to my dismay, that my one marking pen had died on me and, luckily, I had, for some unknown reason at the time, purchased a white marking pencil which came to good use this morning!

Lying in bed last night, thinking of ways to save marking off the centre of each leaf, I came up with the idea of stacking each type and pulling a cotton thread through the stack, then pull off each leaf as I need it.  This way the leaves will not go missing and the needle hole will mark the centre!  I am looking forward to finishing these blocks - another step closer to putting the top together.

This is a quick view of what each block will look like upon completion (minus the free-motion sewing onto each leaf).

BUT, before I get going with this, I came across this beautiful view out my back door.  We live against a gentle slope of a hillside and our property backs onto pure naked bush, trees and, well, forest!  Since moving into our house, I have heard Kookaburra cries come from the forest - and seen some.  There was a nesting pair who had a baby and I watched over many days how they would fly up to feed this little one.  Too far for a decent photo at the time.  Baby has now grown and I am sure that this must he him visiting this morning.  These are my favourite birds.  See for yourself!

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