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Friday, April 23, 2010

Flippant Friday

Gosh, what a busy and rushed week it has been!

Work tempo was off the charts; tension was sky-high and the mood was blue.  Rabbits - must be because of the rabbits.  Why rabbits?  What have rabbits got to do with things? Nooooo idea, but I'm blaming rabbits - and sticking to my story.

Have been trying desperately to use the work's lightbox to trace my chooks in preparation for applique but ..... to my utter dismay ....... the lightbox remains stashed away under my desk.  No time.  Hopefully, with fingers X-ed, I may be able to do that when I finish off today and before I go home.  I do not really want to take the box home - just in case!  (I mean, I may become so attached to this useful quilting tool, I may not want to bring it back again LOL)

Got a number of very good and interesting books through the week and look forward to when I can start working on something described in them.  My dear friend, Saddle, is a great source of knowledge (and inspiration) and I will be knocking on her door for plenty of advice when I get around to doing it!  She is a great quilt artist and can do fabulous things with fabric - go check out her interesting collection : Sally's Stuff

I have now put myself on a strict QBD (quilt budget diet) as well.  Quilting can be very, very, very bad for the health of my budget - especially if I have not yet won the Lotto!  Until I have finished my current quilt, Mum's Mother of Mine wall quilt, my first BOM (All Cooped Up) - the chook in block called Hit the Hay (top left block) -

and at least one other pattern (yip, another lot of chooks [or chicks??]!!) - Hens on Heels

I am not allowed to buy anything new for myself!  Oh, No, woe is me!!

I am also keen on doing something with pumpkins (looooooooove beautiful round yellow-green-tan pumpkins) and have a number of ideas floating around BUT I must heed my budget diet restrictions!

I have also yet to start my Teddy wall quilt, the Goldfinch (same link as Hens on Heels), towards the end of May I have another BOM starting, and then there are two or three others on my 'To Do' list.  It is just that when you look through magazines and on the web, your eyes always catch something you are NOT supposed to see and ta-dah, you end up in my position!!!  Four months ago I had NO idea what a stash was and now I have run out of space with my two drawers (OK, they are not that large drawers anyway).

Excuse me, who got me hooked onto quilting?  SADDLE!!!!  MJ!!!!! 
BUT, I sure do love this hobby!

Going to try and do more autumn leaf applique this weekend (hopefully finish it) - that may lift the guilt feelings I currently have. 

Damn  Rabbits!!!

Warm regards


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