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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lightbox duty


Had an odd day today - got plenty done and at least time did not fly!  And that was such a goooood feeling, you know what I mean?

Got up once MDH left for work this morning; pushed my dog off the bed (he gets let in in the morning and his treat is to snuggle up to his Mummy or The Dad, depending on who is up to let him in), and got going.

Washing was already going by the time I was fully awake and since I knew that we would have a visitor for the evening, I had to do the wifely thing and clean the visible dust and dirt.  I was striving to get all the homework down so that I can get started with the lightbox that I had borrowed from work (with permission!).  By eleven I had all the washing up for drying (and keeping an eye on the forecast rain), dusted, vacuumed, swept, put away dry washing and got the lightbox set up and plugged in.  I finished my BOM chook and then decided to do the hens as well.  There was one heck of a lot of tracing to do with this pattern!  Almost one metre of paper later, the hens were all done and here is the proof!  I felt so fulfilled and satisfied.  I wanted to do the other pattern I had but need about another meter of tracing paper (hopefully I can get some on Sunday morning).  Would like to get that done as well since I have the lightbox.

Will show you when I have the other pattern traced out as well!

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