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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Saturday

Time waits for no man!  So, to prevent time becoming history that cannot be changed, I have worked hard to get things moving forward with my quilt, besides doing lots of other little things.

On Good Friday, I took my dog for a walk then for a wash at the Dog Wash (at one of the car wash places - great invention this bath!), did some washing of laundry (just the most important lots like undies, etc), did only one meal for us (my DH knows where the kitchen is and there is nothing wrong with his arms and hands!), ironed all the traced off leaves onto the material - then cut out each and every piece of material leaf, ready to iron onto the fabric square and start my applique.  Packed things away just after 1 am - satisfied!

Autumn Leaves

And this will be the centre panel of my new quilt

Got up early this morning, let my puppy in - he turns one year today!  Got back into bed for a short cuddle with him and DH (once I am up, I struggle to lie around in bed when there is so much to do and time moves on).  Eventually I could take it no longer and got up, had breakfast (alone as usual), cleaned the kitchen, re-organised the electric wiring behind the microwave (plug board keeps moving around), watered my indoor plants, banged in a nail to hang up a picture, fed the pets and quickly organised facebook and my blogs.

Now - hopefully, I can sneak off to my sewing room!

Blessed Easter for any Christian passing through!

Warm regards

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